Universal finishing solution for grand format textile printers: the MasterCut Multi-Tech™ combines a liquid cooled CO² laser tool for cutting and sealing edges, with tangential blade cutting, especially the industry’s only self-sharpening driven wheel cutter. This capability of a single solution that contains both laser and knife cutting at an affordable price , make the MasterCut Multi-Tech the ultimate digital finishing system.measure chart mastercut2

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The Multi-Tech™ system, manufactured by Blackman & White, is an innovative, highly proven, unique cutting solution designed specifically for the digital print industry and print service providers. It delivers unparalleled capabilities for finishing wide format digitally printed or dye-sublimated textile graphics and soft-signage with customized cutting widths and lengths for virtually any application. Systems can be produced in width up to 6 meters and lengths up to 80 meters or more. The rack and pinion drive system, although heavy duty to handle such sizes without constraints still provides for impressive cutting speed and accuracy paired to a welded-steel base that provides rigidity and torsional strength.

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The system is equipped with an industrial class CO² liquid cooled laser for cauterized finishing of polyester textiles. This method of sealing edges lends itself to a reduction in additional finishing steps such as hemming and sewing. Combining this feature with an auxiliary servo controlled tangential head for drop-in tools such as rotary blade, oscillation, angle v-cutting, kiss-cutting, through cutting, and creasing, unquestionably makes the Multi-Tech the undisputed leader in versatility and material ranges. A sophisticated camera vision registration system is standard.

The Multi-Tech comes standard in three different cutting widths ranging from 2.1 m (82 in) wide, 3.2 m (126 in) & 5 m wide (197 in).

Surface Mapping

mappingSurface mapping capability for precision depth control, resulting in superior cut quality and productivity. Surface mapping accounts for any minute cut surface displacements, adjusting the cut depth on the fly to accommodate as needed. Without accurate surface mapping, tools must be set to cut deeper, causing sacrificial mats and conveyor materials to be replaced significantly more often.


conveyorVariety of automation features for roll-material placement on vacuum table.

honeyOptional auxiliary honeycomb position for acrylic board processing.

Fume Irrigation & Filtration

irrigationAn industrial fume irrigation and filtration system is standard on every system. The vacuum system works to stop the blackening of the edges of the material being cut, and remove any fumes that have been created. Shop air is used to keep the laser optics clean, and optionally nitrogen can also be used to reduce blackened edges for a wider variety of fabric materials.

laserLaser Cutting & Finishing

Laser cutting allows for cutting through multiple layers of materials at a time, helping with high production rates. Cutting with lasers also allows for cutting of intricate patterns in varying materials, from cloth to plastics. Laser finishing of polyester textiles provides sealed cauterized edges. Sealed edges leave a clean and professional finish, eliminating the need of additional finishing steps such as hemming and sewing. A 100 watt liquid cooled laser is standard (with option of 200 or 400 watt). The laser can also be used for cutting acrylic sheets (depending upon the chosen power level) and to etch on many material surfaces.





Versatile Tool Head

Auxiliary head with dual tangential tool positions allows for a variety of tool insert combinations, providing finishing for a vast variety of printable substrates. Models offer options of laser, routing and abrading capability with positions for additional inserts.

A wide variety of tool inserts allow the Multi-Tech to cut almost any material, including textiles, aluminum, plastic, foam, wood, paper and more. Dual tangential insert positions allow any combination of tool inserts.




  • Kiss Cut Knife
  • Oscillation
  • Crease tool 
  • Rotary driven knife (auto-sharpening) 
  • Pen plotting
  • Angle v-cutting
  • Tangential drag knife
  • Laser with range of power options