100W Liquid Cooled CO2 Laser

The laser tool offers unparalleled finishing and automation of roll to roll fabrics/textiles, paired with MCT’s patented dual belt technology and aluminum laser belt. With the laser, you can achieve cauterized, sealed edges for a more attractive finish versus knife cutting. A laser can also offer a much more intricate cut on a wide array of materials: fabrics, acrylics, woods, paper products, and more.



The NEW Horizontal Laser housing increases cutting speeds up to 30% with the same laser power. Horizontal mounting lowers the center of gravity. Adding a new focal point/lens will also allow the laser to cut/finish thicker materials faster.

laser Materials

Textiles - Acrylic - Styrene - Wood - Paper


laser applications

Exhibit & Display - Hanging Textile Signage - Light Boxes - POS/Framed Textile Stands - Table Coverings - Teardrop Banners - Acrylic Lettering - Acrylic Signage - Acrylic Engraving - Wood Engraving - Specialty Paper and Carton - Intricate Patterns