tangential (drag) knife

The Drag knife is ideal for through-cutting materials up to 6mm thick. You can achieve the highest speeds out of any other tool offered for soft signage, and some rigids. With the ability to apply up to 55 lbs. of pressure while cutting, this tool makes for a great substitution on rigid materials under 6mm, when looking for speed and minimal cleanup.

tangential knife Materials

Papers - Carton-Products (folding,  poster, wood pulp, grey, mirror, moulding, studio and more - Magnet - Vinyls- Thin plastics (polycarbonate, PVC, Sintra, Plexiglass, Lenticular

Corrugated cardboard, single wall) - Plastic corrugated - Foam board (under 3/16”) - Coroplast


tangential knife applications

Packaging - Carton-box -POS displays - Magnets - Banners - Posters - Cut-out displays - 3D displays - Sample boxes - Outdoor signage